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#1 2018-11-08 06:20:59


Luvpoint custom templates

For my site I purchased a custom template from Luvpoint.
But recently went down.

I upgraded DS upto 1.3.1
but my last luvpoint template version is still 1.28.
What should be my strategy ?
- forget the luvpoint custom template and switch backs to a basic DS-template ?
- hire coder to update the custom luvpoint template ?
- other alternatives ?
Any suggestions ?

Any other luvpoint-users on this forum that want to share ideas
and perhaps want to share costs to update current luvpoint custom template ?


#2 2018-11-08 08:34:46


Re: Luvpoint custom templates

Yas, it is always frustrating when a third service goes down, as cometchat or luvpoint... but I suggest you to be trustfull and continue with a DS template while you take a decission.


#3 2018-12-31 06:30:39


Re: Luvpoint custom templates

Hey,  Littlebit and Matrimo. Happy new year!  I also had a Luvpoint template, PrimoAmore. And I reverted back to a default template with my recent update of DS, like you.
smile   Where can we buy a custom DS template now ? Is that a smart investment, since after a couple updates it might disappear also ?
I was looking at the file "home.php"... I can't even edit the text on my homepage right now...

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