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#1 2019-01-03 20:52:46


Affiliation strategy

Do you use affiliation?
What %age of your Members are affiliates ?
Do you require Membership first for anyone to become an affiliate ?
Do you accept "external" affiliates ?
How much of a commission do you offer?
What is you affiliation strategy ?
How much money do you make with affiliation ?
What is the %age of new Members who use affiliate links ?

My project:
I haven't installed affiliation yet.
For now, affiliates must be Members (to control quality and avoid abuse and incite people to sign up! smile  ).
I want to pay 33% commission.
My strategy is to increase the number of Members and help my Members finance their own plan (and have an excuse to signup since they can make money).
Eventually, I also want to create "power partnerships" with sites in my niche.
I do not have statistics yet.
My guess is that one year from now, approximately 30% of my Members will sign up via affiliation.

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