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#1 2018-11-20 14:52:59


How do you monetize your dating site

This is just a general question, everybody is free to answer it. But I'm really curieus to see how you all are monetizing DatingScript.

I personally have started my site in May this year as a free site. After a few months af running the site for free I decided in October to become "freemium".
The site is accessible for free members with limits. Paying "Premium" members can use the site without those limits.
Honestly, with 1000 active members, in the first month of freemiumship, I managed to get +/- 500€ of sold premium memberships. I'm happy with that, but now I'm wondering, how to do better. Are there tips and tricks to monetize my site better than that?

For the moment I'm doing this:

Free members have:
Max 5 pictures in the albums
1 video upload
Banners on the site (with CTA buttons to get a premium membership)
Max 10 conversations
Access to the online chat (using Arrowchat)
Changing profile pictures - and other postings (dates, blogs,...) needs moderation so that taking longer

Premium members are getting:
No banners
Larger limits on albums, video uploads, conversations
Can be invisible
In the sidebar Premium users are at random shown
Profile picture with a star in (Indicating they are Premium users)

Also: I give new users 5 days of Trial account. After that they get a regular account, with banners.

Now I'm curieus to see what other users of DatingScript are using to hit the paywall.


#2 2019-01-06 03:28:11


Re: How do you monetize your dating site

Hi, I don't know your site, and I'm not even making 1€ a year yet... But it seems to me that your model doesn't give enough of an advantage to paid members. Just minor "confortable" things. So the incentive to pay seems minimal. Good thing you make 500$/month with your system. smile  Proof that freemium is profitable. Which is surprising to me. And it makes me think... See below.

Now, to answer your question... After 10 years providing a 100% free site (and dealing with scammers and sometimes ungrateful/abusive freeloaders), i'm fed up of it and so are many of my Members...
So, I'm currently in the process of switching to a 100% paid site to save the reputation of my site.
I have 7000 "active" members. But I estimate that only 500 to 700 log in regularly. (Hard to count because some of my members only log in occasionnaly and Ds lacks stats to track log in. I think it used to be available...)...

Based on my average "new member subscribing" stats (slightly above 2 members per day)...
And taking into account that only one person in eight will pay... (12.5 % conversion rate as compared to the previous growth of my site)
And based on the price of the minimum plan I've set up...
I conservatively expect to make about 100$ per month of pure profit (after costs and tax).
I'm launching the paid version in a few days...

I'd like to keep a freemium model like yours, but I simply cannot manage ongoing, massive scamming problems and want a clear cut solution. Forcing serious Members to pay will help me weed out scammers and freeloaders.
If the 100% paid version tanks, that may be the end of my site. Or I may have to shift to freemium like you. Some of my members were demanding that, but I suspect that they just want not to be forced to pay and suggest freemium as an excuse...

I have a plan to turn my paid customers into "business partners" through affiliation (offering a 33% commission).
I also have a plan for an additionnal product about to be launched in a few weeks, to double my pure net profit.
200$ a month would be a good start.

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#3 2019-01-06 09:09:52


Re: How do you monetize your dating site

Hi SuperZen,

Just for your information, in december I was well above my 500$ from the first month. And all by all my users are responding well to the freemium solution. All this is also depending on the niche you are in. I'm in the gay/bi sexual niche. That is not a very easy niche because lot of the bisexual males are doing there things without there partner knowing it.... So paying for a site is then also much more difficult. I tell you this just to get a bit more background.

Now for the scammers... What do you call a scammer? A fake profile that just creates an account to look around?
My site launched in May 2018 and for the moment I have 1900 users. About 75% of them logged in the last month and ONLY 100 of them are paying a membership (starting at 6,95 for 1 month to 59,95 for 1 year) Mostly the 3 month plan is bought.

A great selling point for selling premium accounts is for me that "Premium members" are Real profiles they are NOT fakers (or scammers). Yeah, witch fake profile is willing to pay for a site just to look around?  And that my friend is realy a big deal for a lot of them. They even have posted blogs confirming this without me asking that.

I my country I loose 50% (even more) of the sells that I make. So to make this really profitable, I'm not finished...


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