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#1 2019-01-07 02:55:51



Would like it so that when a person A sends a message to another person B, that person B must accept messages from person A before the message can be viewed by person B,
The reason I think this would be a good ideal is that a person wouldn't just have to read any message sent to them by someone they really don't want to be contacted by. it also gives the person a chance to view the persons profile before reading the message,
I have a problem where no matter how many times I have deactivated him and ban his IP yet he comes back with another IP and keeps harassing another user with messages, this person is in Australia and I hate to have to ban all the IP's of the entire continent.


#2 2019-01-11 18:12:02


Re: Messages

Option to "only friends can contact each other" would be useful.


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