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#1 2019-02-01 13:01:18


Add missing countries to geodatabase

As you may have discovered already, the DS geodatabase is incomplete and contains some errors too.

I spent a few hours researching and updating my geodatabase on a country level (no regions or cities added).

1. Missing countries to add (including ISO-2 code)

AW - Aruba
BQ - Bonaire
IO - British Indian Ocean Territory
CX - Christmas Island
CC - Cocos Islands
CW - Curacao
GI - Gibraltar
HK - Hong Kong
MO - Macao
ME - Montenegro (see 2. below)
MS - Montserrat
NU - Niue
NF - Norfolk Island
PN - Pitcairn Islands
BL - Saint Barthelemy
MF - Saint Martin
SC - Seychelles
SX - Sint Maarten
SS - South Sudan
VA - Vatican State
AX - Åland

2. Corrections

Change: Serbia and Montenegro
To: Serbia (keep RS as ISO-2 code)

Montenegro became an independent country back in 2006.
Remember to delete Montenegrin cities still listed under Serbia and add them to Montenegro instead.

3. Consider renaming

Korea north >> North Korea
Korea south >> South Korea
Congo Dem. Rep. >> Democratic Republic of the Congo
Congo >> Republic of the Congo
Guernsey (and Alderney) >> Guernsey

PS: When done adding/correcting/renaming - remember to reorder countries alphabetically.

The DS geodatabase still contains a lot of errors on state/region and city levels (missing places, misspelled names, non-existing places etc) but updating it manually would be virtually impossible. This is why I have requested an alternative location field, based on Google APIs (= dynamic and always up to date). You may read the request here.


#2 2019-02-01 14:51:27


Re: Add missing countries to geodatabase

Another issue with the DS geodatabase:

British Virgin Islands has been assigned the wrong ISO-2 code 'IO' (which belongs to British Indian Ocean Territory).

The correct code for British Virgin Islands is VG.

However - the system doesn't accept ISO-code changes for existing countries:
> Getting this error: 'You may not change country code of this country as it's used by the system'

Vlad, how can we fix this? Delete the country and re-add it with correct ISO-code?


#3 2019-05-25 15:12:51


Re: Add missing countries to geodatabase

Also missing is East Yorkshire.. a very large area.

How can one add these to the data base I wonder please?


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