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#1 2019-03-25 18:05:17


Happy to be with datingscript

Today we have finally upgrade our site to DS 1.3.2 and we must say we overall are very happy with it.

In the beginning we had to do alot of custom work but the team listens to our needs and implent alot of functions we request here on the forum make the job of website owner much easier
We have to say we're very happy with the software wich is almost 100% adjustable to our needs

drop us a visit:
and you wil see what we are talking about

we hope to see a mobile app this year as it's the only thing missing to make this the real number one dating software

A happy custumor


#2 2019-04-30 04:39:18


Re: Happy to be with datingscript

Indeed.. DS is by far miles better than any other Dating Script we have ever used, and we have used the lot.. It is a clean and crisp script that has regular updates and integrates easily with third party scripts like arrowchat.. Another happy customer here..

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