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#1 2019-04-15 12:00:37


Make picture fields available on upload page

Currently the description field for pictures is only available *after* the pictures have been uploaded. Users don't even realize the fields exist unless they accidentally discover the tiny 'Edit picture' link under their pictures while browsing them. It's very easy to miss to say the least.

The picture 'Search' option is pretty useless if nobody enters a description (or fill out other custom fields).  I suggest making the description field (and custom fields) available on the picture upload page so that users at least know they exist. The importance of those fields may vary depending on what kind of site you are running and the nature of the pictures users normally upload, but in many cases a detailed description adds important and useful value. Can be good for SEO too if you run a Guest friendly site.

Showing the fields on the upload page would make more people actually use them (= added value for everyone).

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