Warm greetings to our patrons from Digital Product Labs

Hello from Digital Product Labs. You probably know that we have recently acquired DatingScript, SocialScript, and GetPortable from VLD Interactive Inc.,

Digital Product Labs has tons of experience in developing online dating software namely, WPDating and DatingAppScript.

There has been confusion among DatingScript’s loyal users and understandably have raised valid concerns regarding the future of DatingScript and the direction it will take.

We assure our existing customers that you do not need to worry even a bit about the change in management.

“Datingscript will continue to run as an independent dating software.”

Everything will remain the same. We will continue providing quality service, support, and features.

You can rest assured that you won’t have to change anything in your plan and model.

Even if we update some policies in the future, the old customer’s terms and conditions will remain unchanged.

Our vision is to enhance every aspect of Datingscript from features and services to a more systematic setup of the entire website.

We have already been involved in planning and developing a roadmap for improving dating script and features. Development of the several features is already in the pipeline.

Till the new update is released, our enthusiastic team will keep making the forum interactive and provide timely support service to our existing and new customers.

Your feedback is highly valuable to us and we will be delighted to add any services that you have in mind.

We hope that our relationship will flourish even more and together we will establish DatingScript as the best dating script in the online dating industry.

If you have any problems or any queries, feel free to contact us at https://www.datingscript.com/contact.

Thank you for your support.