Importing data from vldPersonals

Before you begin

For the import wizard to be able to transfer your data from vldPersonals it needs to be accessible by DatingScript. As such it's best to install DatingScript in a sub-folder where vldPersonals is currently located. For example if you have vldPersonals installed at, you may install DatingScript at Once you're done copying your data, you can delete vldPersonals files and move DatingScript to

Install DatingScript

First step you need to take is install DatingScript. Simply follow our installation guide and install it in a sub-folder of your current site, for example

Install import wizard

Download vldPersonals Import Wizard from the client area, extract the files on your computer and then upload them to your site. Make sure to upload them into the same folder where DatingScript is installed.

Install the plugin

In the DatingScript control panel navigate to "system - plugins" and click on "install" link next to vldPersonals Import Wizard plugin.

Run the import wizard

To run the import wizard click on the vldPersonals Import plugin name (or on the "details" link next to it) and then click on "Run import wizard" button.

You will be asked to type in your vldPersonals database details. If you don't know what they are, you may look them up in the "includes/config.php" file in the folder where vldPersonals is installed. You must also include a full path to the "uploads" folder where vldPersonals stores users images and other user uploaded files. For example if vldPersonals is installed at "/home/mysite/public_html" folder, then uploads folder path will be "/home/mysite/public_html/media/uploads". If you don't include correct folder, system won't be able to copy users' pictures. You may contact us if you need assistance with any of this.

On the next step you will be asked to select the items you would like to import. You must start off by importing user accounts. Once done, you will be able to go back to this step and import other items. Note that if you try to import items other than "user accounts" or "user profiles" more than once, you will end up having duplicate data!

When importing users, note that user group names in vldPersonals must match those in DatingScript. Otherwise they will not be copied (for example canceled users will become active again). Same goes for upgraded membership packages. Make sure that the names of membership packages in vldPersonals match those in DatingScript.

Update profile questions

Make sure your profile field "labels" in vldPersonals match the values of "keywords" in DatingScript profile fields. Below is an example of the "Gender" (or "I am" in vldPersonals) profile field. On the left is DatingScript and on the right is vldPersonals. Note that "keyword" in DatingScript matches "label" in vldPersonals, and "items" in DatingScript match "items" in vldPersonals (order doesn't matter). If any of those don't match, import wizard will not be able to copy the profile field.

If users or profiles do not import as desired (for example not all profile fields were copied), you may make necessary adjustments and run import process for users and/or profiles again. You may do so as many times as you wish - it will not cause duplicate data. Do not however import other items more than once (such as blogs, pictures, videos, etc) as it will cause duplicate data.

Replace vldPersonals with DatingScript

When you finish migrating data and are happy with the results it's time to replace your live vldPersonals site with DatingScript. To do that you may follow the steps below.

Click on "reissue license" in the client area on your license page. This will ensure that your site details are updated in your license when you move software files to a new location.

Update "application/config.php" file in DatingScript to reflect new location. In our example above we installed DatingScript at so you will need to change it to

Update "local" storage settings in the control panel under "system - configuration - storages" and make sure path to the "uploads" folder is correct. For example if you currently have something like this:


You will need to remove the "new" folder from there so it looks like this:


This is just an example so make sure that you use your own folder paths in there.

And finally you need to remove vldPersonals files, move DatingScript files to and delete all files in the "application/cache" folder.

Once done browse through your site to make sure it works correctly. Also login and try uploading a picture to make sure uploads folder path is correct and works as it should.