Fake Profiles for Dating Script!

Everyone desires to KICK-START their business with an instant boost. A database of profiles to buy for their site is one of the most frequent things our customers ask these day.

We do not recommend buying Fake Profiles!

The very basic reasons for that are:

  • If you are prepared to buy fake profiles, please be very aware that you are dealing with a black-ish market. There’s no guarantee of what you are buying, you might get scammed and there would be nobody to complain to.

  • When the profiles are completely fake, it is easy to spot inactive users as a pretty picture with no activity is a clearly noticeable thing.

  • Database providers will lie about the origin of those profiles. If the profiles are “real” then it is certain that they were stolen from some website.

  • These things will create all sorts of legal troubles, not to mention blocking-due-to-spam issues each time your site sends a notification or mass mail.


Why use deceiving tactics and set up a timebomb for your own business right from the start?

There is simply no way to directly take your business to the top by just purchasing a database of pictures and emails. We have been telling this to our customers for a long time but some come time and again asking about some database. 

If you really must, you can purchase it from usdate ?. These profiles are at least compatible with our script.

“Please do so on your own judgment. We do not recommend nor endorse any particular kind of databases or any other of that type. Dating Script will not be responsible for any kind of technical or legal consequences that you may face by using these profile databases of any origin!”