Digital Product Labs, Inc. has released the new Dating Script version 4.0.5 and is available for you to download.

What’s new?

Brand new themes in Dreamy Template, PHP Compatibility, and issue fixes.

? Dating Script is now compatible with PHP 7.4.

? 2 Brand new variations of theme released, Sky High and Peacock – Dreamy template.

Updates in this version, Dating Script v4.0.5:

  • Setting button design issue fixes responsive view in old templates- Breezy, One Date, Matrimonial, and Wedding time.
  • User’s profile images showing tiny on the user search page on old templates issue fixed. – Breezy, One Date, Matrimonial, and Wedding time.
  • Picture enlargement issue in the profile image on all templates fixed.
  • Country not showing in the newsletter receipt list fixed.
  • Exporting the newsletter receipt list is now working.

New features and fixes in Dreamy Template:

  • Video Popup design fixes.
  • Added border-radius option from control panel.
  • Design fixes in the stripe payment form. 
  • Tagline text was missing.
  • Website cookie tooltip now successfully works.
  • Homepage Spacing issue fixed on featured blog.
  • User Interface improvement on the payment page.
  • User Interface improvement on the search page and user profile page.
  • Overlapping success message after sending a gift on mobile view fixed. 
  • Design fixes while user tries to select gifts – the size of gift icons were large and out of place on the page.
  • ‘Delete account’, ‘Read More’, and other similar texts can be now translated from admin Panel.
  • Blurry featured images of blogs on the list of the blog page fixed.
  • Design issue fixes in mobile view while viewing likes.
  • Responsive design issue fixes on the testimonials page.
  • Bug fixes in the classified comment.
  • Native video player issue fixes while playing.

See changelog for a full list of new features, improvements, and fixes.


If you’re an existing client, you may grab your new files in the client area. Be sure you upload the new software files before running the update wizard.

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