Digital Products Lab, Inc. has released its first-ever DatingScript update and it’s available for you to download.

Notable change:

The option for the Flexform is added into CCBill Payment Gateway along with the option to turn it on and off from the Admin control panel.

On our forum, we noticed that there are many customers who have concerns about the CCBill Gateway that was soon going to be deprecated unless it was upgraded to Flexform.

So, our team swiftly worked on the new update to integrate Flexform into CCBill Gateway.

If you’re an existing client, you may grab new files in the client area. Be sure to upload new software files before running the update wizard.

Note to our patrons:

The first update was always going to be a learning curve, so we have only upgraded the highly inquired Flexform integration.

We will release another update soon incorporating all the features and improvements that you have asked.

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