Core Features

DatingScript is packed with powerful and customizable features. A wide range of available settings allows you to configure the system to suit your needs. You may also easily disable those features you do not need.

All of the features and plugins listed below are included in the software by default.

Users and profiles


?Customizable profile questions

You may add, edit, and remove profile questions as you like. Each profile question can be of a different type such as drop-down box, text box, etc.

?️Dynamic profile field display

Specify what profile fields should be displayed where. For example, you can choose what fields to display on the registration and search forms, or public profiles. The system will then automatically display them on your site.

?️Multiple profile types

You can create multiple profile types if you plan on having more than one type of user. For example, you can have a certain set of profile fields for artists, and a different set for musicians.

?‍?User groups and membership

User groups help you separate users based on their membership level, such as free members, paid or premium members, etc. You can create as many different member groups as you need, each with different permission levels and limits. For example, you can allow paying members to upload twice as many pictures or increase the size of their private message box.

✅User approval system

You may require users to verify their email address upon registration. You may also optionally choose to review and approve all new members yourself before they start using your site.

?️Personal photos

Users may easily upload a profile photo during registration or by editing their profile. This photo will be displayed in their profile, search results, and other parts of the community.

Search your users based on various profile criteria such as gender, age, location, interests, etc. You may specify what information should be searchable through the control panel.

?Authentication methods

Option to sign up and login via Facebook or Twitter in addition to the default login method. You may add support for other networks if necessary.

?Privacy options

Users have full control over their profile privacy to determine who can view it.


Security and anti-spam


?Email address verification

Prevent spammers from joining your community by requiring users to verify their email address. You may also optionally verify all new users manually

❌Duplicate registration prevention

Prevent multiple registrations by the same user by limiting how many users can register with the same IP address during a certain time period.

?️Automatic captcha images

Protect your site from automatic form submissions (spambots) by using the “captcha” feature on your site. It requires users to answer a security question before submitting the form.


Specify words you don’t want to be used such as foul language, emails, etc. This option acts in such a way that user doesn’t know about their messages being censored to ensure they don’t change them to avoid it.

⛔Block IPs

You may block individual IP addresses or entire IP ranges to keep unwanted users away from your site.

?Moderator accounts

You may set up moderators to handle abusive content, verify users, or perform any other tasks you wish to assign to them.

⚠️Content reporting

Any inappropriate or abusive content can be reported by your users to quickly and effectively fight spammers and keep your community safe and secure.

?User blocking

Users can block others from viewing their profile or interacting with them if they feel they do not want to be bothered by someone.

Search engine optimization


?Automatic sitemap

The system automatically generates a search engine optimized sitemap. This ensures that no page of your site goes unnoticed by search engines and offers maximum exposure and rankings.

?️Custom meta tags

Meta tag manager allows you to specify custom meta tags for any page of your site, helping you improve search engine rankings and attract visitors.

?Search engine friendly URLs

Bring more users to your site by attracting them from search engines. Search engine friendly URLs are used throughout the software, making sure none of the pages go unnoticed by the search engines.

⌨️Valid HTML and CSS code

Proper coding and fast website performance ensure better rankings and thus better placements in search engines.


Content management


?Responsive design

Built with modern devices in mind, our templates are completely responsive down to mobile phones. It means the template will automatically adjust based on the user’s device.

?Custom pages

Easily create new pages in the control panel. Direct access to HTML code allows advanced page editing if necessary. There is no limit on how many pages you can create.

?Plugins manager

You may install and update plugins with just one click. Or create your own plugins to extend software functionality without having to modify its original source code.

?Email templates

Customizable email templates let you get personal with your users by adding content to emails you would like them to receive.

?️File storage manager

Choose where you would like to store your user’s uploaded media files, such as local storage by default or optional Amazon S3.

?️Customizable templates

All software templates are fully customizable and responsive. Whether you’re looking for a minor change on the page or complete redesign, you can do it all.

?️Multi-language support

You may run your community in more than one language at a time. Your users will be able to select their preferred language which will apply to everything, including user profile, emails, custom pages, etc.

⏳Time zones and time formatting

Specify the default time zone and time formatting for your community. Your users may optionally change them based on their location and preference.


You may view statistics and charts in the control panel to study and improve various activities on your site over different periods of time.

Private messaging


?Safe and secure messaging

Users may communicate with each other via an internal private messaging system. This ensures user’s privacy as none of the personal contact information is revealed.

?Message templates

Create some sample message templates for your users to use as ice breakers to help them start a conversation.

?Inbox limits

You may optionally specify how many messages users can store in their account, and offer them paid upgrades with higher limits.

?Instant messaging

The software integrates seamlessly with ArrowChat and CometChat to give your users instant messaging capability.

?Email notifications

The system will notify users of new private messages as well as display the appropriate notification on the site itself. This ensures none of the private messages go unnoticed.




Personal and public timelines allow users to easily see the latest activities by their friends and other users of your site.

?Friends and favorites

Users may add others as favorites or friends for faster communication and restrict their profiles and other content based on friendship status.

?Profile visitors

The system automatically remembers each visitor to user profiles so that your users could make new friends by checking who viewed them and when.


Your users may leave comments for various content across your site and engage in conversations.

?Votes and likes

Allow your users to express their interest by rating or liking various content in the community.

You may enable the option to share your site’s content over other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Feedback form is available for your users to be able to contact you with questions, suggestions, comments, and any other information.