Affiliates plugin

?Grow your site faster

Get affiliates to sign up for your program by marketing it to your current users and across the web to help you promote your website and make it grow faster.

?‍?Account management

Option to have a single account for your users and affiliates with a single sign-on or offer separate affiliate account registration for more flexibility.

?Lead tracking

Leads are users who sign up on your site after following referral links placed by your affiliates. You may offer fixed commissions for each new lead your affiliates refer to.

?Fraud control

Various methods and checks are set in place to prevent abuse of the affiliate program, fraudulent orders, and protect your business from unnecessary losses.

?Customizable affiliate questions

You may add, edit, and remove affiliates questions as you like to ensure affiliates fill in their profiles based on your needs.

✅Affiliate approval system

You may require affiliates to verify their email address upon registration. You may also optionally choose to review and approve all new affiliates yourself before they start using the program.

?Real-time tracking

Real-time reports are available with information about where the users are coming from to your site including their device, location, and more

?Commission tracking

The flexible commission structure allows you to offer fixed or percentage-based commissions to your affiliates for orders placed by their referrals on your website.

?Fast payments

The system allows quick and easy payments to affiliates with just a few clicks. Affiliates can submit payout requests once they reach the required minimum balance.