Music plugin

?Upload songs

Allow unlimited songs or specify how many songs your users can upload and store in their accounts to prevent excessive usage. Offer paid upgrades with higher limits.


You or your staff can choose to review and moderate all uploaded songs before they can be viewed publicly to ensure the safety of your community.

?Infinite scrolling

The infinite scrolling option allows your users to effortlessly scroll through songs without having to jump from page to page.

?Comments, votes, and likes

Keep your users engaged with the community by giving them the ability to leave comments, as well as rate or like songs, or share them on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

⚠️Report songs

Users can report songs to administrators to help you spot and take down inappropriate content or spam quickly and efficiently.

Browse through songs efficiently using the powerful search filters feature. Sort results by title, artists, popularity or search through them by using keywords

⬆️Fast file uploads

Select and upload music files directly from your computer and track upload progress with the progress bar.

?Privacy options

Users have full control over their song’s privacy to determine who can listen and who can comment on them.


You may view statistics and charts in the control panel to see how many songs have been uploaded over different periods of time.

?Custom song fields

Create and modify input fields to store additional information from the user. Each field can be of a different type such as text box, drop dow list, check box, and others