Create your own Extraordinary Dating Website

Loaded with powerful features and smoother-than-silk user experience

Mobile View

Faster, easier, and effective whenever users access your website from a mobile device. The essential features load up
with plenty more exciting and interesting features to provide the users a perfect place to find their perfect matches.

Home Page

Creative and responsive presentation
of your unique dating website

Profile Page

Explore through numerous profiles
and interact easily with other users

Search Users

Easily browse users based on your interest and other search parameters

Get Involved

Blogs, groups music, photos, videos, and many more to actively explore

Desktop View

Endless possibilities to shape your own website according to your requirements. Choose the essentials with plenty of other exciting features and showcase your extraordinary dating website to the users who access it from any browser of a Desktop or a Laptop.

Perfect search & match possibilities

Customize matchmaker questions and explore potential matches. Enable restrictions on search criteria based on age, gender, location, and interests.

Don’t settle for a single language

Reach worldwide and expand your dating business with multiple languages. Also, any language you desire can be added on request.

Let your users express themselves

Let your users express themselves with timeline posts, photos, gifts, likes, comments, and help engage them more with friends and profile visitors

Let your users chat and interact 

Let the users start an instant chat with safe and secure messaging. Users can express themselves through text, images, videos, and emoticons.

Rank on top of search engines

Rank on the top of search engines with automatic sitemaps, our custom meta tags, valid HTML & CSS codes, and search engine friendly URLs for your website.

Make it easy for users to pay you

PayPal | Stripe | 2Checkout | AliPay | | CCBill | GiroPay | iDeal | Helcim | Banco| Mollie | Multi |. Also, add any payment service provider you need on request.

Amazing Plugins

Let your users explore more and engage more with the help of some exciting plugins that can be added to your unique dating website. The bonding grows stronger with Blogs, Classifieds, Events, Groups, Gifts, Music, and many more for the users to explore.

Stylish Blogs

Let your users freely express themselves
and connect with new people with blogs.


Classified allows users to advertise their personal goods to sell and actively engage with other users.


Users can create & manage their events where other users can join in for the special happening.


Users can create and explore numerous groups according to their interest to interact with others.

Delightful Gifts

Users can express themselves by sending and receiving lovely gifts to and from other users.


Users can upload music of their choice and can also explore to listen to music from other users.

Make money from your dating website

In-app ads

Promote third-party services within your app and earn commission based on views/clicks

Google Ads support

Create your own banners banners or use Google Adsense code, or any other advertising network’s code.

Mobile-friendly ads

Insert different ads for different screen sizes ensures that ads display correctly

Simple statistics

System counts how many times your ads are displayed and how many times they are clicked

Powerful admin panel

Control everything with a powerful admin panel. You’re the boss, choose the features that are required for your website from
your own dynamic control panel and organize everything on your dating website according to your dating business vision.

Filter and monitor every aspects of your data

Easily view and organize your registered users and their activity.

Total control over the questions on a profile.

Create your own questionnaire for the profile that every user must fill.

Manage user data

Create groups and access levels, verify users, profile pictures, privacy, notifications, and settings.

Nothing goes beyond you

Admin can view and monitor each and every user’s match history along with messages, comments, pictures, timeline posts, and more.

Grow and earn with our inbuilt affiliate platform

Account management, lead tracking, fraud control, real-time tracking, commission tracking, fast payments, and many more.

Boost revenue with membership & user groups

Offer different flexible membership plans to your users and boost up your revenue.

Keep an eye on the troublesome users

View and track reported users with the exact reasons behind them.

Track where your money is coming from

Whether it’s from affiliates, paid subscriptions, or advertisements, filter every penny of your earnings.

Easily setup your plugins

Quick install, update, and manage plugins that extend your software functionality.  Payment gateways to languages, we have got it all covered.

Adult-content verification

You can enable warnings based on adult content to make sure your users are aware of NSFW content

Stop losing sleep over data protection

Worry less with Facebook, Google, Twitter authentication along with safe and secure encrypted login.

Straight to your user’s inbox

Send messages to your user’s inbox and start an instant chat with users.

Complete control over data storage

Flexibility to choose different remote storage devices with no risk of losing user data since it is safely stored in the remote location.

Spread the word with blogs

Let all your users know what’s new, with unlimited blog posts that support likes, votes, and comments.

Internal Newsletter

Compose and send unlimited notices to your users directly into their notifications. 

Internal messaging

Relay your general message to the users easily. The users will directly receive the message in their inbox.

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