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Free support and update include:

Support includes:

✅ Dating Script- support team will always be happy to answer any queries regarding the script or your site.

✅ Get assistance with reported bugs and issues.

✅ FREE script and add-ons installation.

Support does not include:

⛔ Customization of the code.

⛔ Help with 3rd party assets.

⛔ Help for versions below v 4.0.0.

Upon expiration of free support and update, a fixed price of $49.95/month is required to be paid for the extension of the service.

10-DAYS money-back Guarantee!

Dating Script is ready to refund the full payment claimed within 10 days from the purchase date if our mentioned features do not work on your site OR, in case we are unable to resolve the issue encountered with our software

⚠️ Please make sure that you must be able to provide the requested access details of your website to our technical team to resolve the encountered issue if any.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the main questions that we get asked the most from our customers.

Do you offer free installation?

Yes we do! We can handle that process for you upon request. Just answer a few questions about your web site, and we’ll setup everything. Don’t have a hosting account yet? You can take advantage of our free hosting offer we have for all new clients.

Do I have to buy a new license every year?

When you purchase our software license you own it forever and can use it for as long as you like. Each license purchase includes one month of support and access to the downloads area where you can download the latest updates and plugins. After one month, if you would like to continue receiving support and accessing the downloads area you may renew it for only $49.95 for another month. If you choose not to renew updates and support you’ll still be able to use the software for as long as you like.

Do you offer discounts for multiple licenses?

Yes, we do provide discounts for multiple license purchases. If you intend to purchase more than one license for any of our products, please contact sales. The discount amount depends upon the number of licenses you’re looking for.

Does my hosting provider meet the requirements?

Most major hosting providers meet the requirements, however, you are encouraged to contact them first to make sure. Simply refer them to the requirements page. We also offer our own hosting solution to make it even more convenient for you. Alternatively, we offer free hosting to all new clients with the purchase of the software.

Is it possible to get a refund if the software doesn't work for me?

If our mentioned features do not work on your site or in case if we are unable to resolve the issue encountered with our software, we are ready to refund the full payment that is claimed made within 10 days from the purchase date. You must provide the requested access details to our technical team to resolve the encountered issue before claiming for refund. Refer to terms of service for more details and feel free to contact us if you still have questions.

Can I redistribute or resell DatingScript?

Unless you have been given written permission from Digital Product Labs, Inc., you may not – under any circumstances – resell or redistribute DatingScript. Doing so would be in violation of your license agreement. In the case that you do resell or redistribute DatingScript, you will be held liable for the cost of each stolen copy, plus legal fees. We take piracy very seriously, and we actively pursue every case.

How difficult is it to install the software?

If you have basic experience managing a web site and understand how to use FTP and set permissions you will find the process quite easy. To install the software you simply upload the files to your server, set a few permissions, then run the installation wizard. We also offer free professional installation if you require it.

How long does it take to process my order?

We process all orders automatically which means as soon as you have paid for the software you will be given access to our client area where you can view and download your software.

How many copies of the software can I install?
One. Similar to most software, each installed instance of the program requires its own license. In other words, if you want to install it on 2 different domains you must own two licenses. However you are allowed to install one additional copy for web development, testing or backup purposes and as long as it’s not used publicly. Please note that if you would like to change the domain name, then you don’t need to buy another license.
If you plan on running multiple sites, you may purchase an unlimited license addon which allows you to run unlimited number of sites.
Will I have access to the source code?

Yes. We designed our software to be easy to customize and we believe this is one of its main advantages. When you purchase a license you will have complete access to the main software functionality source code with an exception of some files that are encoded for security purposes and to prevent piracy. They will in no way affect your ability to customize the software and template files.

Do you offer phone support?

We don’t offer phone support at this time. However you may use the help desk to contact our sales team and we’ll be happy to assist you. We don’t outsource sales and technical questions to 3rd parties. All questions are usually answered within 24 hours. You can also check out our Live Forum, we are always eager to hear from you.