Thinking of starting a dating website? or, Want to start a matchmaking website targeting people with missing needs seeking each other?

You’ve got the idea and the plan. Now you are looking for a method of realizing your matchmaking dreams to reality.

You can develop the website from scratch by hiring developers or by yourself- if you know how to code.

But what if I tell you there is a better and easier way?

 ?“Match Making Software

What is Match Making Software?

Matchmaking software is a white label software that helps you start an online matchmaking business that connects people with missing needs. Eg:- Doctor/patient, Students/tutors, etc.

“White Label product means a product you can buy, rebrand it as your own. You will be the rightful owner of the package you bought.”

Matchmaking software in essence connects people searching for other people who fulfill each other’s needs.

The most prevailing use of match making software is for dating. But dating is just one of the many aspects of matchmaking. You can use matchmaking software in many other ways. Also, if you have a brick-and-mortar match making company, you can digitize it with match making software.

Matchmaking software can be used for any kind of matchmaking because, at the core, matchmaking is connecting people looking for others to find the solution to their needs.

Did you know? ?

Uber is also a matchmaking software. ?

So, where exactly can you use Match Making Software?

  • Events – Social and Business, Organizer/Attendees
  • Dating – Dating platforms/Adult platforms
  • Matrimonial – Bachelor/bachelorette
  • Education – Student/Tutors
  • Groups – Environmentalists/Photography/Travel/Videography
  • Forum – Questions and answers, discussion platform.
  • Non-Profit Social welfare
  • Health – Doctors/Patients
  • Marketplace  – Buyers/sellers, Real estate
  • Career – Job prospects

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What makes Match Making Software special?

Thinking of starting a matchmaking website from scratch? Do you have any idea how long it takes just to create a “Match” feature, leaving aside all the pages, template, and premium features?

With Match Making software, you will get all things that you need in one place.

?Think of it this way!

You need a car. Would you build it yourself or buy a car?

Most of us would obviously choose to buy a car and ride along.


You can choose the White Label Matchmaking software, brand it as you own, customize it to your own unique needs, and build a successful matchmaking business.

The combination of match making software, your brilliant idea and hard work will fruit a successful matchmaking business.


Websites made with Matchmaking Software  a proper dedicated web server hosting can be scaled to efficiently handle the continuous growth and development of the features along with increasing user load – be it thousands or tens of thousands- which comes with the growing popularity of the website. 

Easy to use

Managing and monitoring the website can be done by the admin with ease. The software is built in a way to help admin easily manage and access the website, and fully harness the power of the software.

Advanced matchmaking algorithm keeping user’s preferences in mind

All of the essential features, user interface, user experience aspect, and admin panel in the software are built after extensive research of hundreds of hours. Every functionality that’s needed for a matchmaking website is incorporated in the software.

Prebuilt features and Powerful admin

Numerous features – advanced matchmaking, virtual credits, photos and video sharing, and real-time chat, and many more – along with a powerful admin panel are already included in the software. Admin can manage each and every setting in the intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

Cost efficient

Why spend thousands of hours, money and get grey hairs from stress when you can simply buy a matchmaking software for as little as $149.95?

Matchmaking Software Features

  • White Label solution
  • Perfect matchmaking with advanced algorithm
  • Multiple choices in templates
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Premium features
  • Multilingual 
  • Powerful and Intuitive admin panel
  • Premium features
  • Stable and scalable system 
  • Upgrades of software and features
  • Monetization opportunities
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals

That’s why Matchmaking Software is the best way to start a matchmaking website. With constant monitoring and managing of your site, you can be a successful matchmaking business.

What does our Best Match Making software have?


Intuitive and beautiful design are the essence of a match making website. We’ve 5 templates that you can freely choose from.

We developed these themes after hundreds of hours of research and grinding. If you want to develop a theme like this, you need a researcher and planner, designer, front-end developer, PHP developer, QA, and project manager. Could you handle the time and cost?

Dreamy Template

It is our latest template with 3 variations. – Blossom, Sky High, and Peacock. It has a dazzling and modern design. It’s hard not to be impressed with its design and user-friendliness.

4 Classic Themes

These templates are light-weight, fast, and have classic design. A little old fashioned design but they perform splendidly.

Some major plugins of our Match Making software

Blogs – Users can post stories, blogs, and impress their like-minded people.

Classifieds – Post first hand products, vintage products, and arts to sell and purchase. Like a marketplace. You know eBay.

Groups – Like Reddit, Facebook groups.

Music – Provide a singing and audio-sharing platform.

Videos – Share videos of the users.

Extra features you get with our Match Making software:

1. Censored words

Hate, racist, xenophobic words are rampant on social media. List out the censored words, and they will be automatically filtered. The users who sent the censored words will not see the words have not been changed and will not change the message.

2. Simple login

Typing manually is boring and ancient. Just sign up and login via Facebook or Twitter – two social media giants. You may add other networks if necessary.

3. Multi-language support

People from all corners of life and stories and nooks come to your matchmaking website. Why make your matchmaking website narrow with just one language?

4. RTL feature

Arabic and Hebrew languages are spoken most in the world which are written/read Right to Left. Our match making software provides that. Don’t miss the RTL feature.

5. Payment options

Make it easy for your users to pay with PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, AliPay,, CCBill, GiroPay, iDeal, Helcim, Banco, Mollie, and Multi. Also, add any payment service provider you need on request.

6. User cookies consent: 

Comply with the GDPR law, with the in-built cookies consent.

7. Auto-captcha images

Bots, spams everywhere, more so in matchmaking websites. Auto-captcha images will control the autobots and spambots.

8. Bread-crumb settings

Explore around the maze of features and setting without getting in confusion.

9. Automatic sitemap

The system automatically generates a search engine optimized sitemap, which ensures that all pages of your website are crawled by search engines and get help receiving organic traffic.

Multiple Languages
My Matches

10. Custom meta tags

Can you believe that meta tags which are so important for SEO ranking factors have to be manually put on the HTML pages through code? With our match making software, you can easily add and edit meta tags for the individual pages on Back end.

11. Create your own plugin

You can create your own plugins to extend software functionality without having to modify original source code of match making software

12. Instant messaging

What’s the use of a matchmaking website, if there is no real-time chat option? Let users chat in real-time. Arrowchat and CometChat integration can also done.

13. Custom search options

Search within the location distance or for common interests. Users can update match preferences -Distance, Gender, Location, Perimeter, and more.

14. Multiple profile types

You can create multiple profile types if you plan on having more than one type of user. For example, you can have a certain set of profile fields for artists, and a different set for musicians.

15. Newsletter

Admin can send mass emails, build custom email templates, and check email delivery status.

We know we know.. this is a blog post, not a feature-list page. It’s inappropriate as well as boring to list out all the features. Sorry, there are too many ?

So, explore all our Top Features and a long list of extra features to get the complete idea of our match making software.

Might be getting bored with these full of features texts?

You can always check out our demo site and visualize how your matchmaking website looks with our match making software.

How to start a Matchmaking Website?

  1. Get a Match Making Software.
  2. Get a web hosting server and domain name. We also offer our own hosting solution to make it even more convenient for you.
  3. Our product comes with a fully automated installation wizard that requires minimal website knowledge from you. In addition to that, we are also more than happy to provide a free professional installation available per your request. 
  4. If you want to run an unlimited number of sites, get an unlimited license add-on.


a. Standard website

This is the standard package if a general matchmaking website works for you. If any general matchmaking website will do for you, this is the one for you.

Starting at $149.95Starting at $199.95Starting at $249.95
One time feeOne time feeOne time fee
Instant downloadInstant downloadInstant download
Free installationFree installationFree installation
Free support and updatesFree support and updatesFree support and updates
Source code accessSource code accessSource code access
Admin control panelAdmin control panelAdmin control panel
Email broadcastsEmail broadcastsEmail broadcasts
News and company blogNews and company blogNews and company blog
Ads and monetizationAds and monetizationAds and monetization
Timeline and activity feedTimeline and activity feedTimeline and activity feed
Mobile supportMobile supportMobile support
Private messagingPrivate messagingPrivate messaging
Photo albumsPhoto albumsPhoto albums
Virtual giftsVirtual giftsVirtual gifts
Paid subscriptionsPaid subscriptionsPaid subscriptions
Virtual creditsVirtual creditsVirtual credits
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

b. Custom matchmaking website with custom feature and design

You are an artist that likes to draw your own canvas, and decorate the website, have bigger aspirations, and plans. The standard website is not enough for your aspirations, No worries we’ve got you covered!

You can use our customization service to change/add the design and features on your website.

✍️ Order our Customization service. Create, design, and develop features any way you wish.

Have a look at some of these matchmaking websites made from our match making software.

Final Few Words,

Building a completely modern and responsive online matchmaking website from scratch takes a lot of time and investment.

In such a competitive market, creating and operating a matchmaking website on your own is a total hectic and tedious process. 

So, to make the process easy and effective, there is this readymade software that will combine your creativity with their fully customizable themes and powerful admin panel to help you create your own beautiful and unique matchmaking website.

Choose our Match Making software, you won’t regret it. We have been delivering top-notch services & great features making us one of the best in the dating industry.